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CS, LLB, B.Com

Using my coherence skills to provide you with the best product knowledge and a comparative idea to invest accordingly.

Hey you Guys! 

Hello and thank you for visiting my review blog. So, I’ve been wanting to start this blog for a long time in order to share my experiences, tips, tricks, and feedback on various beauty, wellness, and technology products.

To describe myself, I am a person who enjoys wearing makeup to enhance my features rather than conceal my uniqueness. When it comes to colors, I mostly stick to neutrals and products that are easy to wear.

I come from a family where my Mom always encouraged me to use natural ingredients from our kitchen for skincare almost every day. On the other hand, my dad was an expert in treating every seasonal or common health issue with Ayurveda, we never took medicine for a common headache, fever, stomach aches, cold, etc. because our dad always came to our aid and we were fine the next day.

So, through this blog, I’m sharing all of my Mom and Dad’s “Nuskhas” as well as some very relevant and effective tips to make your daily life easier in addition to my expertise in beauty, skincare, technology, and wellness.

Hope you guys find it useful.




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